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Server Info
The terms of service and general guidelines for our server are in here. Please read them, you WILL be held responsible for knowing them. Thanks.
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Thread: Forums Signatures
Message from: (GMA)Cruzan
Crucial information will be posted here by your admin team.
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Thread: The Haven Monthly Raffle!
Message from: [Admin]Erothian
News (viewing: 1)
Updates for the server will be placed here.
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Thread: Official Haven TeamSpeak Info!
Message from: [GS]Daisuke
Staff Positions
When we have openings for staff, they will be posted here. Stop in to apply!
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Thread: GS Interest Thread (Refresh)
Message from: Ezeel01

In-Game Events
Planned events will be placed here as we think of them. Check back often!
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Thread: PvP Event 3/12/2014
Message from: [GS]Daisuke
Forum Events
Some fun out-of-game contests to win some cool stuff. Come back often!
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Thread: Forumevent #12 [running!]
Message from: [FM]Odium

Redeem Tickets
Redeem All Tickets (viewing: 1)
If you have a Large or Small Gear Transfer, or Epic/Cool Prize, post it here in the correct thread. Everything else can be redeemed in-game by staff.
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Thread: LGT/SGT Thread
Message from: crazyweed

General Discussion
Anything not listed in the other forum topics, put in here.
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Thread: 85 bag dropping
Message from: Angelaa
About Me
Hi, and welcome to Haven! Why not let us get to know you? ;)
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Thread: Karrnath...
Message from: [FM]Odium
Barter Board
If you have items to trade/sell, please state which faction you are from and IGN so people can reach you.
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Thread: WTS Sylvan Set Max RR/Ench
Message from: Atma
Guides and Tutorials
Help the community and post all guides and tutorials here.
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Thread: Some formulas.
Message from: Daenine
Off Topic (viewing: 1)
Anything non-Shaiya related can go in here. Go crazy!
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Thread: patrick found his father !
Message from: retrinub
Goodbye Threads
Leaving us? =( We'll miss you, but we understand. Go ahead and say your goodbyes here. 1 thread per person, please, for obvious reasons.
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Thread: Halcon, Atila say god bye
Message from: KLASS

Server Feedback
If you have a great idea you think will make the server better, post and discuss it here.
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Thread: 85 bags in item mall
Message from: DeviantHitman
Frustrated with something? Bring it up and toss around ideas here so we can figure out how to fix it.
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Thread: Valor do encantamento
Message from: victorhelios
Server Review
We want to know what you really think of Haven. No one can reply to threads in this section, so go ahead and speak your mind.
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Thread: guys are u ok wait this?
Message from: [Admin]Erothian
HUGE Maint Section
Threads regarding the March Super Maint go here!
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Thread: Post-Maint Official Bug Repo...
Message from: [FM]Odium

Reports and Troubleshooting
Skill Problems
Report all skill bugs and glitches here.
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Thread: Restore Lv1
Message from: Daenine
Post general bugs here
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Thread: Cape F/D lvl 20
Message from: samudark
Troubleshoot all problems here
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Thread: Yet another Error 0
Message from: mcx58

AoL Guild Advertisement
Recruit Lights, recruit!
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Thread: OMEN
Message from: Lara92
UoF Guild Advertisement
Grab those guildies, Fury!
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Thread: Retribution
Message from: wcw1208

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